A Must-Read Cutting-Edge Review of Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer

I just received an e mail from the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) which consisted of a three-part review of immunotherapy as applied to prostate cancer. The review consists of three parts: a) Immunotherapy, a Vaccine for Prostate Cancer; b) Who’s Who in the Immune System; and c) Immunotherapy and Prostate Cancer. The review is so enlightening that I will focus only on part (a) here. The first part discusses how vaccines and checkpoint inhibitors work; when and how they are best administered; specific immune stimulators such as Provenge, PROSTVAC and GVAX;¬†and, combining vaccines and checkpoint inhibitors. I urge the reader to take time and read these sections. There is so much useful information here. Carefully review and digest each section as it applies to your specific cancer issue. You can follow the link above or right here.

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