A Must Read for Men Over 40: An Excellent Introduction to Prostate Cancer

Autumn in North Carolina; photo by James Johnson
Autumn in North Carolina; photo by James Johnson

Are you a man over 40 years of age and you are either concerned about or simply have some questions about prostate cancer?  Hopefully you may never need treatments of any kind but being informed is positive.  The November, 2014 Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) Insights  contains a collection of blogs and videos discussing the topics of prostate screening, prostate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), newly diagnosed cancers, their active surveillance and cancer recurrence.

The screening portion (see link) discusses the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test and risks and benefits of screening including a video.  This section also includes information on prostate imaging, 12-core needle prostate biopsies, pathology results as defined by Gleason scores, use of MRI prostate scanning using 3 Tesla (3T) MRI instruments and multi-parametric targeted biopsies (if needed).  A listing of 3T imaging centers is also included.

A second section includes a video discussing PSA values, more information on prostate biopsies, their benefits and side effects, pathology results as defined by Gleason Scores, 3T MRI imaging and targeted biopsies, and a blood test called the 4K test which may be useful in determining aggressive cancers if present.

Another linked section is entitled “Prostate Imaging; So Your PSA is High, What Now?” A listing of 3T imaging centers by city and state is also included in this section.

There is also a video discussing the pros and cons of controversial reduced PSA screening recommendations made in 2012 by a U.S. Preventative Services Task Force.  These recommendations have been met with considerable disagreement and negative commentaries (see June 4th, 2012 blog).

There is also a section with advice on what-to-do if you are newly diagnosed.  Following that, is a section on active surveillance which includes question-and-answer videos from Dr. Mark Scholz, a noted prostate cancer physician as well as testimonial videos from patients.

Concluding sections discuss relapsed and advanced prostate cancer.


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