Active Surveillance Video

“Active surveillance” perched overlooking a Norwegian fjord. Photo from Shutterstock.

Dr. Mark Scholz, Executive Director of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI), has produced three very informative short videos dealing with topics such as 1) active surveillance (AS) for men recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, 2) bone metastasis and, 3) diet and cancer.

This first 7 minute AS video defines the terms “watchful waiting” as compared to “active surveillance”; cites the criteria for AS such as a Gleason 6 score, a PSA <10, and diagnostic procedures using MRI; discusses whether one can be sure of a Gleason 6 diagnosis; the utility of AS for long term care; monitoring of the cancer during AS utilizing periodic biopsies, PSA’s, and high quality MRI’s; signs to discontinue AS including increases in Gleason scores to >6; the use of PSA density; and, finally suggested diets. “Heart healthy diet is prostate healthy.” For the AS video, see the following link.

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