Finding Useful Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are on-going at many institutions across the United States. Many men think about enrolling in a clinical trial only when there are no further treatment options for them. But trials are not just for advanced stages of disease. They can also include men recently diagnosed and treated. The trials cover areas such as screening, diagnosis, imaging and scans, quality of life, as well as surgery, radiation and other specific treatments and combinations. At some time, you might want to go to the site, and enter your pertinent areas of interest under “Search for Studies”. Hundreds may appear but they can be filtered under categories such as “recruiting”, “active not recruiting”, “completed”, “terminated” etc. You can also search them by location as well. You might want to ask your physician to demonstrate the site by incorporating your specific health status and generating a shorter list of pertinent recruiting trials.  An excellent review of clinical trials (see the link) was recently published online by the Prostate Cancer News Today. It is concise and informative but will not be summarized here. The article also leads the reader to a Bayer Oncology Clinical Trial Finder wherein you can enter specific data and a listing of available trials can be sent to you. There is a wealth of information here and the reader is urged to spend some time perusing these sites. They also provide a picture of the current cutting-edge areas of research.

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