For Prostate Cancer “Beginners”, These Screening, Diagnosis and Early Treatment Posts May Be of Interest.

Fear not! Help is on the way. Photo by BJ Gabrielsen
Fear not! Help is on the way. Photo by BJ Gabrielsen

 Over the years, several specific blogs (listed below) have been written especially applicable for men who are being tested for prostate cancer or who have been recently diagnosed with it.  These blogs discuss screening, PSA values, biopsies, initial treatments, patient anxiety and spirituality and can serve as good starting points for your prostate cancer education.

“Prostate Cancer Information from Johns Hopkins Urology”; January 2nd, 2013;

“PSA Screening Recommendations from the American Society of Clinical Oncology”; July 29th, 2012;

“PSA Velocity and Questions to Ask Your Doctor”; August 11th, 2013;

“Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Using PSA Velocity and PSA Density”; June 3rd, 2014;

“Two Blood Tests That Can Determine Your Need of a Biopsy”; July 13th, 2014;

“All You Need to Know About the Gleason Score and its Diagnostic Use”; June 19th, 2014;

“A ‘Calculator’ to Predict Biopsy Outcomes and Understanding the TNM Staging System in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis”; October 19th, 2014;

“Prostate Biopsies”; February 17th, 2014;

“Prostate Cancer ‘Calculator'”; May 4th, 2015;

“So You’ve Been Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer!! Now What??”; June 2nd, 2011;

“Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer- What You Need to Know.” October 10th, 2012;

“Unsolicited Advice from Survivors for Newly-Diagnosed Men With Prostate Cancer”; January 23rd, 2015;

“When ‘No Action’ is the ‘Right Action'”; May 22nd, 2015;

“Recent Information on Prostate Cancer Screening and Active Surveillance”; November 28th, 2012;

“Active Surveillance May Be the Preferred Option in Some Men With Prostate Cancer”; August 15th, 2012;

“Update on Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer”; February 27th, 2013;

“Predicting Outcomes and Characterizing Prostate Tumors”; February 28th, 2013;

“Nerve-Sparing Radical Prostatectomy”; October 22, 2013;

“Are You Contemplating Open Versus Minimally-Invasive Prostate Cancer Surgery?”‘ February 17th, 2011;

“Robotic-Assisted Prostatectomy May Not Reduce Surgical Side Effects”; January 25th, 2012;

“News From Johns Hopkins on Urinary Incontinence, Kegel Exercises and Familial Prostate Cancer”; November 14th, 2014;

“For Those Contemplating Radiation Therapy”; October 9th, 2011;

“Treating Low-Risk, Localized Prostate Cancer Using MRI-Guided Focal Laser Therapy”; July 11th, 2012;

“Four Clinical Trials Involving Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer Patients Who Are Low-Risk or Under Active Surveillance”; May 9th, 2014;

“Prostate MRI/Ultrasound Fusion-Guided Biopsies for Prostate Cancer Detection”; January 23rd, 2015; also February 17th, 2015;

“A New Urine Test for Prostate Cancer”; December 31st, 2013; and, October 8th, 2013;

“Using Genetic Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis – A Review”; July 16th, 2013;

“New Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Tests”; April 24th, 2014;

“New 17-Gene Test Enhances Ability to Predict Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness”; June 21st, 2013;

“A Longer-Term Study of Treatment Side Effects of Early-Stage Prostate Cancer”; April 25th, 2014;

“Don’t Waste Your Cancer! – God’s Plan For Your Cancer”; January 10th, 2011;

“How to Handle Anxiety”; January 20th, 2012;

“Anxiety-How to Win Our Biggest Battle”; May 7th, 2012;

“Hope When Your World Falls Apart”; January 13th, 2013;

“God Sees the Whole Picture Exceedingly and Abundantly; We Don’t!” November 15th, 2011;

“An Example and a Purpose for Anyone With Prostate Cancer”; November 3rd, 2012;


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