One of the Most Admirable Young Men I’ve Ever Met

I know this website is focused on providing information to men whose prostate cancers are at any stage. Hopefully most of us may not die of prostate cancer although in my own case, that is definitely a possibility. For myself and I know for many of you as well, our Christian faith and our personal relationship with God plays a most significant role. Some years ago, I came to know an extraordinary young man who was stricken with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy and has been in a wheelchair since the age of 12. He is now 26 and his disease is now seriously threatening his earthly life. Through the years, he has received a college degree, has penned at least two books and is an active blogger on sports especially football as well as spiritual issues. In short, Jonathan is one of the bravest, most honest and admirable men I have ever met. As an inspiration to all of us, I have provided this link to his most recent blog.

If any of you wish to know more about entering into a personal, life-changing relationship with God and receive the promise of eternal life in a new heaven and a new earth with a new perfect body and experience the peace and strength that Jonathan possesses in this life, see the following link from this website.


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