An Excellent Reference on Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Prostate Cancer News Today is a weekly e mail from Bayer Healthcare that contains 3-4 articles referencing various aspects of prostate cancer. An e mail received May 16th, 2016 contained an article called “Finding Out About Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials.” The article was one of the best references I have seen to provide information about the benefits of clinical trials and how to find institutions sponsoring them including the U.S. government National Institutes of Health / National Cancer Institute at The article also discussed what a patient should ask his physician about trials as well as an article describing reasons to participate and benefits received in trials. Lastly, the weekly e mail also contained details about a specific clinical trial involving a cutting-edge therapy called stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) as a means of delivering radiation to the exact area affected by prostate cancer instead of irradiating the entire gland.

In addition, the May 30th e mail from Prostate Cancer News Today contained an excellent review entitled “How Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Work, from Research & Development to Human Trials.” Please check out this brief but informative link.

I also strongly suggest that you subscribe directly to this valuable e mail service.

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