Diet and Prostate Cancer Video

In this third video of the PCRI series, Dr. Mark Scholz discusses the role of diet as related to prostate cancer. His overwriting principal is vegetarianism, avoiding animal products. Dr. Scholz bases his conclusion on his observation of patients who lowered their PSA levels while on strict vegan diets. Dr. Scholz also discusses the fact that prostate cancer does not target sugars the way other cancers do. Data from PET scans seem to indicate that prostate cancer seems to feed on fats and amino acids both from animal products. A third observation comes from Chinese studies which indicate that prostate cancer incidence is low in those areas where people eat only small amounts of animal protein. Dr. Scholz concludes that avoidance of animal products and proteins is most important in men with advanced, metastatic tumors. For the entire five minute video, see the following link.

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