For Those Contemplating Radiation Therapy

Very few, if any, treatments are without side effects. Whatever route a person takes to treat prostate cancer, one is usually “never quite the same again.” Radiation therapy is no exception. Urinary tract and bowel effects can be encountered. You do not want to have to constantly focus on the nearest bathroom facility. Therefore, before undergoing radiation therapy, one would be wise to investigate the types of radiation technologies offered by various facilities. Carefully consider all potential side effects, success rates as well as comments from former patients as well as the levels of expertise of their personnel. Driving along highways in Florida, one can see numerous billboard advertisements all promoting “cutting edge” radiation facilities. Be a “wise consumer”; it’s your body and the side effects can last a long time. A good source to begin the learning process is from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD, the “number one” urology department in the nation (as consistently rated in U.S. News and World Report). A recent issue of their October 5th, 2011 Health Alerts  (see link) provides a good summary of external beam radiation therapy.