Gleason 6 Prostate Cancer is not Deadly

Tumor samples from a prostate biopsy are graded (Gleason score) which is an indication of a tumor’s aggressiveness. The tumor grade reflects how far the cancer cells deviate from normal healthy cells. Gleason 6 cancer looks almost like normal prostate gland tissue while higher Gleason scores are indicative of more serious cancers. The Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) recently published an e mail video from Dr. Mark Scholz stating that in a survey of 26,000 men, it was concluded that surgically-proven Gleason 6 prostate cancer does not metastasize. Men diagnosed with grade 6 cancer should be followed by “watching” and not “treating”. In this study, 22 men with positive nodes were regraded to Gleason 7 or higher. If this study is applicable to your case, please be advised to discuss this video and its conclusions with your personal urologist or oncologist.

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