In the Hands of God

Hans Edvard Wisloff was a prominent Norwegian Lutheran Bishop, theologian and writer in the mid 20th century. Being of direct Norwegian ancestry myself, I found this short essay of encouragement.

“God has given us permission to bring everything to Him in prayer. Nothing is too big, nothing too small. He has promised that He will hear us; He has asked us to come boldly. God says what we ask in faith as we pray, we shall receive.

Faith is confidence. Faith does not command. In confidence and trust it leaves all in God’s hand. Faith acknowledges that we are short-sighted and that we do not always know for what we should pray.” (It has been suggested that when we pray, we should first be silent and ask God to tell us what He wants us to pray for.) “Faith clings to the wisdom of God. It knows that God knows best what we need. Therefore, the prayer of faith contains the phrase ‘according to Your will.’ The prayer of faith leaves everything in the Father-hands of God and from that moment knows that it is God who has assumed responsibility in our case.”

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