One thought on “New 2018 Patient Guide from PCF April 2018”

  1. After having gone through many different treatments for my prostate cancer, I was given information about immunotherapy and Provenge, the results were very positive and so far things are going well. My urologist continued given me Lupron injections every six months, and even though Provenge is not supposed to effect PSA a blood test seven months ago showed my PSA at 0.05 where at the height of my cancer it had been 467. Prior to my last Lupron injection one month ago a blood test showed my PSA at 2.9 a slight elevation, but still within acceptable limits. Also for the first time since starting Lupron I experienced severe hot flashes during the day. I’ve always wondered if having had the Provenge treatment, was it safe to continue with the Lupron? I am a very active person enjoy trail cycling and walking, on a regular basis I walk I keep busy and I’m a non-smoker. I’ve always wonder just how long the immunotherapy treatment that I received with the Provenge will last, so far so good.

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