On-going Re-design of this Website and Posts

This website has been active for some years now and it is about time for an update of the site in general as well as indiviudual posts. The first change we have made is that all of the hundreds of posts have been separated into one of the following categories: 1) General Patient Information; 2) Diagnostics, Genetics and Imaging; 3) Treatment Information; and 4) Encouragement. Each of the four categories will eventually have sub-categories which will facilitate searching. The latter is yet to be done as I have to perform this manually. When  you now see a post, there is: 1)  a box linking the most recent posts as well as an archives area; 2) an area listing the four major categories above; 3) an index to other portions of the site such as lessons learned through my cancer, medical resources, scriptural medicines, my own story updates, and an area which describes how God can help you personally in this disease process; and, 4) an area wherein you can subscribe to receive the blogs automatically as they are posted as well as a comment area (which are greatly appreciated). The home page will also be streamlined. Thank you for your readership over the past years. I pledge to personally continue writing this site as God blesses me with health and ability and the technological help from CrazyTreeMedia, who have been my source of web technology since the site’s inception. I will soon be 77 years old and a cancer survivor since 1995. Thanks for your patience and support.

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